Welcome to my site dedicated to the
MMORPG Perfect World!

The site is dedicated to crafting tomes. Calculator can display a hierarchical tree tomes for easy craft and can be edited, depending on your available tomes and resources.

Fairly easy to understand. Click with the right level of tomes, select the desired tome and you have a tree of the craft of the tome chosen. It shows all the tomes you need to create, plus fragments and pages, in addition, under each tome is written, how many tomes or resources you need to create the ultimate tome. When you click on the "Edit" You are invited to enter the number of tomes and / or resources that you already have. Once editing is complete, click "Calculate" and you will see a new tree craft, taking into account the existing tomes and resources. To view a specific tome from the tree, just click on it.

Special thanks to: Mefisto server Vega (Russia) and rylai server Vega (Russia) for help and testing site.

Pleasant to use.